Today’s ‘Daily Lore’ comes from the Voluspa.

This passage reminds us an important note that Havamal speaks of: speaking mindfully. The greatest thoughts, the most ingenious inventions, and attuning to our higher self begins with first being silent. Quieting our minds, and being careful of the words we speak, changes our perceptions of how we view the world around us and what is truly important. Speaking words of value allow others to form a trust in what we say. They will eventually come to realize that we don’t aimlessly spout off at the mouth any time we want, but rather put thought behind what we say.

“Silence I bid of all the hallowed kindred
And high and low of Heimdall’s children:
At your will, Valfather, I shall relate
Ancient tales of the world, the oldest I remember”.

The Seeress in this passage calls for complete silence, a common practice among leaders. Tacitus wrote (in reference to the Thing): “When the assembled crowd thinks fit, they take their seats fully armed. Silence is then commanded by the priest.” He compares reverence and silence to being “fully armed”. This is when we have our wits about us most, able to listen and participate mindfully, which is an open door for deeper learning to take place.

Take time today to quiet the mind. Turn off the phone, get away from the daily distractions for just a few minutes. Breathe deeply and make a conscious choice to guard your words and deal with things one step at a time.



The Daily Lore: Mindfulness